Sessions announced for Re:co Coffee Symposium

The organisers of the Re:co Coffee Symposium, which is being held in Gothenburg, Sweden on 15-16 June, have announced the themes of the three sessions for the day. The first session is titled ‘Where are we now?’ The session will look at what it means to be specialty coffee and whether the category has a distinct meaning in Europe. Second will be ‘Where can we go?’ This session will examine the coffee producing chain to find areas in for growth and development, such as how the industry can better assist coffee producers to ensure that coffee is still available in the future; the challenges of exploring new markets; and technological innovations being made within coffee. Finally, the ‘How do we get there?’ session will focus on creating a practical roadmap of concepts and technologies that will help the industry to arrive at its desired destination. It will explore a wide array of practical topics, from how to gain access to capital to the future of coffee biotechnology.

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