Sierra Wireless pen deal with Nestlé to facilitate after-sales Nespresso service

Nestlé Nespresso SA has selected Sierra Wireless to provide a machine-to-machine (M2M) cloud platform and hardware solution to provide connectivity for Nespresso coffee machines used in restaurants, hotels, offices, and luxury retail boutiques, Sierra Wireless announced on 21 February.  The solution, developed on the AirVantage M2M Cloud Platform and using the AirLink GL6100 programmable modem, helps facilitate Nespresso's after-sales services, ensuring that the machines are operating at the optimum pressure and temperature, Sierra Wireless announced in a press release.   The company noted that it has led the work needed to deploy and integrate the M2M solution, while working in close collaboration with Nespresso and Orange Business Services, a global communications solutions provider, which provides wireless data network services for the coffee machines worldwide. “Highest quality coffee and a personalised service are at the core of the Nespresso brand,” said Marco Zancolo, Head of B2B Channel, Nestlé Nespresso S.A., in the press release. “We continuously seek to innovate in our business-to-business offerings, providing solutions to meet the needs of the most discerning business customers and hosts in the hospitality business. We expect that this innovative solution, powered by the Sierra Wireless AirVantage M2M Cloud Platform, will further ensure that Nespresso will consistently deliver simplicity, reliability and a rewarding coffee experience for our clients’ customers and colleagues.” The solution includes the Sierra Wireless AirLink GL6100 programmable modem, which monitors the Nespresso coffee machines and transmits operational and business data to the AirVantage Platform via the wireless network. The modem, equipped with a built-in Embedded SIM, ensures that the modem has the durability and performance required to withstand the vibrations, temperatures, and pressures characteristic of the coffee machine environment, the press release noted. Sierra Wireless said that it is also working with Orange Business Services to ensure that the modems function reliably on the wireless networks operated by Orange and its roaming partners serving the countries and cities in which the coffee machines are deployed. Nespresso expects to roll out the connected coffee machines to commercial customers in more than 50 countries during 2012. “Nespresso now has a global M2M solution and a single software interface to streamline the technical support and business services it offers to its customers around the world,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, Senior Vice President, Solutions and Services, for Sierra Wireless in the press release. “The end-to-end solution integrates hardware and software with a dedicated connection to the Orange wireless data service. This speeds the deployment and simplifies the operation of the connected coffee machines across all of Nespresso’s markets.” The coffee machine monitoring applications integrated in the professional Nespresso machines are built on the Sierra Wireless AirVantage Platform. The applications remotely retrieve operational and performance data from each machine, keep track of descaling and other maintenance procedures, and alert technical staff if servicing is required. The applications can also be used to remotely adjust the equipment settings, such as water temperature and pressure. Sierra Wireless worked closely with Nespresso to integrate the technology and services with Nespresso’s IT systems. All communications performed by devices, services and users in the end-to-end system are carried over secure and confidential connections.

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