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Simonelli Group CEO Fabio Ceccarani on providing “experience excellence” in 2020

GCR petitions industry leaders on the year ahead: the opportunities, challenges, and trends set to change the game and demand our attention in 2020.

Fabio Ceccarani
CEO, Simonelli Group

Coffee is becoming a lifestyle choice, perfectly integrated into the daily habits and routines of a rising number of consumers. This is the democratisation of coffee. The consumer is more aware of the quality in the cup and has a higher expectation of the experience they want to enjoy, be it in a chain or small independent coffee shop.

Coffee has become a significant social phenomenon. The entire industry should seize this opportunity and provide extra attention to the user and customer experience.

The key words to this challenge are “experience excellence”, which goes beyond our senses and emotions to touch the most profound values of our conscience. That is why, amid this sophisticated experience, stakeholders should share the same values of sustainability, simplicity, and excellence.

The coffee machine plays a significant role in this whole picture. It is the centrepiece of the coffee shop, where efficiency meets design, and is the instrument the barista uses to create the sought-after consumer experience.

It is fundamental to provide a simple machine with innovative technology that is able to guarantee a constant workflow and produce excellence in the cup. Combined with a contemporary design, the machine must be easily adaptable to the different and complex moods of coffee shops.

Stakeholders should also look towards a sustainable future, as we do at Simonelli Group. This means creating environmentally friendly machines that meet our environmental, social and governance criteria. If consumers recognised this commitment, I believe they would value their experience more. I also believe that the increased awareness and coffee culture are pushing the consumer to pursue excellence in their own home, opening the door to a whole new market. As such, Simonelli is using professional technology and design to cater to this domestic demand. This is why we need to create an intelligent system using innovative technologies that integrates machine, grinder, and coffee.

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