Simonelli Group explains how the Victoria Arduino Eagle Tempo improves performance

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Simonelli Group explains how the Victoria Arduino Eagle Tempo enhances its range of coffee machines with efficient performance and technical functionality.

Victoria Arduino, owned by parent company Simonelli Group, has 118 years history of creating high-end traditional machines for professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts, including the Black Eagle Maverick, White Eagle, Eagle One, and E1 Prima.

Its new Eagle Tempo, however, is a versatile machine that’s designed with one clear goal and purpose: to make any barista feel confident and empowered to make a quality espresso.

“Eagle Tempo is the machine people need when they want to simplify the coffee making process. It’s a sophisticated solution for those who have limited time for staff training, are educating people who are not familiar with coffee making, or are at the beginning of their barista journey,” says Marco Feliziani, Simonelli Group Vice President.

The coffee machine is specially designed for all abilities and venues that want to deliver high-quality coffee and plant-based drinks consistently, such as restaurants, roasteries, chains, bakeries, patisseries, hotels, and specialty coffee shops.

“The Victoria Arduino Eagle Tempo is a product that has recognisable design and high productivity capacity and incorporates technology that enables a business to be managed while saving energy and reducing waste,” says Feliziani.

“It’s compact enough to fit into the modest of spaces. Whether you’re serving one or a dozen customers, a handful of patented technologies guarantee that every single beverage is as good as the last.”

The group head features five pre-programmed buttons and a simple interface between the user and the automation of the software. It facilitates fast training of personnel to prepare milk-based drinks or plant-based alternatives.

“Using the touchscreen display, you can set the temperature of every group for the production of different drinks to respond quickly to the needs of varied clientele during peak times,” Feliziani says.

To further increase workplace efficiency, the Eagle Tempo includes an Autopurge feature that automatically cleans the group head when a barista unhooks the portafilter.

“Having to stop and clean the group head slows things down and takes up valuable moments of a barista’s time when they could be completing other tasks like conversing with customers,” says Feliziani.

“The automatic cleaning of the group after detaching the portafilter makes for quicker drink preparation and guarantees the cleanliness of the components over a longer period, along with reduced maintenance.

“Picture this: the café is full, orders are flying in thick and fast, meanwhile, Victoria Arduino’s Eagle Tempo is proficiently taking care of business. With portafilters fresh for the next basket, three different-sized cups brewing simultaneously, one order is finished in a rich foam before moving on to the next.”

Feliziani adds that the machine’s Steam by Wire feature generates a “perfect vortex of milk” in the milk pitcher. It optimises the micronisation of the dairy or plant-based drink to guarantee a smooth, silky texture.

“With two controls, purge and steam, the barista can serve exceptional coffee, delivered via the innovative steam wand that features a tangential perforated nozzle. Simply push the electronically controlled steam lever, moulded in aluminium, and ergonomically designed for easy activation,” he says.

“The electronic system also ensures the quality of dry steam remains consistent, thanks to Eagle Tempo’s high-volume stainless-steel boilers that can maintain a constant pressure of 2.1 bar.”

This is paired with the Eagle Tempo’s Easycream technology, allowing users to simply press the new steam lever to get the desired milk cream.

“You’ve got perfect dry steam, but ensuring it’s used correctly to dress your coffee is an art in itself. Easycream quickly takes all the drama out of creating the perfect foam for your brew. Whether you’re using dairy milk or a plant- based alternative, our wand features automatic steaming for a fast, consistent foam that’s rapidly delivered at the optimum temperature to ensure your milk is always pillow soft,” Feliziani says.

Feliziani says the Eagle Tempo, as with all Victoria Arduino’s coffee equipment produced in Italy, is committed to sustainability.

“Victoria Arduino’s exclusive New Engine Optimization (NEO) technology offers high productivity by using up to 29 per cent less energy than the previous White Eagle model by employing multi-boiler technology, an instant heating system and a unique insulation mechanism that reduces both heat dispersion and energy consumption,” he says.

“It is simple to use and enables the barista to set the temperature on the display. The Eagle Tempo maintains the same temperature during the whole dispensing phase for the production of consistently high-quality beverages. The installation of an eight-litre capacity steam boiler also allows for the preparation of lots of milk-based drinks.”

The NEO motor is equipped with Thermal Energy Recovery System, a patented technical solution that can recover the heat of outgoing water to preheat incoming water, saving a further 8 per cent of energy, reducing costs, and keeping ecological credentials in check.

Feliziani explains that the functional characteristics of the Eagle Tempo are linked to the new design details that make it a present-day product with strong recognisability. The Eagle Tempo was created from a restyling of the White Eagle with updated and minimalistic lines and details.

“The group, for example, recalls the lines of the coffee machine profile and features backlit soft-touch buttons to accelerate machine operation. A new design has been given to the drip tray, which facilitates cleaning, along with the steam wand purge. The headlights, which are led installed below the group, provide uniform illumination during extraction, while the new steam wand is longer for the use of larger capacity jugs. It also has cool touch to avoid burns during operation,” he says.

The new Victoria Arduino coffee machine is available in four colour versions: matte black, matte white, steel, and a special heritage version in steel with brass details.

Feliziani says the Eagle Tempo has welcomed positive feedback among consumers, due to its high-end qualities and affordable price-point.

“When you bring together our commitment and passion for making quality coffee, you can see we are making something for our people, our customers. When a product is well-received that means we understand the customer’s needs and shows them that we are taking care of them,” he says.

“We wanted to create a coffee machine for the younger generation of baristas starting off with high- handed technology. We want baristas to know that our passion for them and simplifying their work in the best way possible, are the driving values that underpin our brand philosophy.”

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This article was first published in the May/June 2023 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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