Simonelli Group joins European Speciality Tea Association

Simonelli Group

European Speciality Tea Association (ESTA) has welcomed major espresso machine manufacturers Simonelli Group as members of the association. Both parties are working on an agreement to collaborate in the areas of tea education, research, and development and events.

ESTA are in the process of developing their education offering, the Tea Certification Programme. Four modules covering Introduction, Botanicals and Camellia sinensis are already available to be delivered in classroom or online, with others, including Tea Barista Skills are now being created.

Coffee Knowledge Hub by Simonelli Group, offering over thirty coffee courses from educational leaders, delivered online and through a network of training centres worldwide, will add ESTA tea courses in its educational platform to contribute to the growth of tea knowledge.

Simonelli Group has developed a coffee machine under the Victoria Arduino brand, the Black Eagle Maverick, which is able to brew loose leaf tea. ESTA see this as a great opportunity to start the engagement process with coffee shop owners and baristas which is key to the growth of the speciality tea community.

With the Black Eagle Maverick, Victoria Arduino brand introduced Pure Brew Technology, a revolutionary method of espresso extraction and filter coffee and tea extraction. PureBrew is a unique patented technology, using a conical double mesh filter, that can extract the subtle flavours and aromas from different types of tea or coffee.

“The brilliance of this new technology also lies in its extreme simplicity of use and the business possibilities it offers,” says Lauro Fioretti, Education & Knowledge Manager at Simonelli Group.

“For the first time ever, with PureBrew you can make a perfect cup of tea, enjoying all its subtle flavours. Equal to the traditional method, but with greater ease, speed and flexibility.”

Both organisations have a high level of activity at events around Europe and hope to be able to work together to use this channel as a means of engaging with consumers and professionals to increase knowledge and understanding of speciality. Simonelli Group have recently opened a showroom and experience lab in London at Camden Town and ESTA hope to be able to use this resource to deliver education and other benefits to the coffee and tea industry in the UK.

“We are very proud to be a European Specialty Tea Association member,” says Giovanni Fucili, Simonelli Group EMEA Sales Director. “The membership is an important step of our path of empowering coffee and tea communities to provide the best cup experience, investing to constantly improve the technical and environmental performance of our machines, offering educational opportunities and sharing our knowledge with the community.”

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