Simonelli Group opens first UK office

simonelli group uk office

Simonelli Group has announced the opening of a new branch office in Great Britain, the Nuova Distribution United Kingdom.

“Proximity fuels innovation, it plays a vital role in fostering relationships and it’s a key factor in building a vibrant business ecosystem,” says Simonelli Group CEO Marco Feliziani.

Simonelli Group first expanded internationally in 1993, when the first branch office in the United States was opened in Seattle.

“This is the reason why we continue, since 1993, to support local markets by providing the sector, including baristas, roasters and chains, with all the Simonelli Group support, solutions and experience that are based on cutting edge technology, sustainability, design and coffee knowledge,” says Feliziani.

The London office, located on Pratt St in Camden town, will be the reference point for sales, technical assistance, and training for customers in the country.

“Greater proximity allows us to know better what is happening in a given country, to understand its dynamic features and to react appropriately,” Feliziani says.

“Nuova Distribution UK will bring the company even closer to the British market and will allow us to offer Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino products and services with added value to roasters, chains, baristas and distributors, as well as to improve coffee knowledge and technical support.”

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