Simonelli Group opens new Campus and launches ‘Engaging Talks’

Simonelli Group Campus

The new Simonelli Group Campus in Belforte del Chienti, Italy opened on 25 January with an event entitled ‘Good business. Ideas and projects, community and environment, research, and method’.

The inaugural event is the first in a series of events that will be hosted at the Campus using the ‘Engaging Talks’ format that will offer contributions by important personalities from various cultural fields and business sectors and will be open to the local community.

The first day saw more than 80 guests including local companies, suppliers, universities, public and private bodies. The guests were shown around the new spaces and presented with the principles that guided Simonelli Group in the creation of its Campus.

The Simonelli Group Campus is a multidisciplinary space of 1000 square metres dedicated to research, training, open innovation and business culture with the aim of providing a stimulus for growth of the local area and its community. It is a physical place with a strong social and ethical vocation divided into distinct sectors devoted to innovation, networking, and research.

Inside the Campus there are specifically prepared spaces for coffee specialisations such as infusions systems, milk, and water, along with traditional and digital management training courses and a large workshop area for scientific research applied to coffee. The workshop area is the core of the Research and Innovation Coffee Hub project, the research centre created in 2016 in collaboration with Camerino University to conduct scientific studies on coffee and its chemical and physical properties.

The Campus also includes an experience area for meetings and networking which is open to companies, institutions, and schools.

For Simonelli Group this new structure represents a further step towards greater involvement in the local area, where it can reinforce its industrial presence and its innovative, social, and sustainable identity.

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