Simonelli Group presents new telemetry service


Simonelli Group has announced the new Telemetry service Telemetry Coffee Experience (TECX) that brings to completion the system of digital services, next to the Digital Online Services (D.O.Se) platform.

TECX is a data intelligence platform that can generate added value data for real-time monitoring of key performance parameters, for reinforcing all point-of-sale activity and for ensuring the reliability of the machines.

Specifically designed for managers, store managers and technical service staff, the platform makes it possible to visualise how the equipment is working, providing data and statistics useful to evaluate the performance of every store. TECX provides information that is also useful for technical services such as meters and alarms, to be able to plan the various service interventions and periodical maintenance.

The platform allows performance data to be processed, such as coffee dispensed per group and by button, steam, hot water, and software, and characteristics delivered, such as extraction recipes and times, group, coffee heater and steam temperature and pressure.

TECX also holds technical parameters through two packages; basic, including data on performance and characteristics delivered, and full, offering visualisation of all the information generated.

The system was developed to support partners, managers, roasters and technical service in the monitoring and improvement of performance and service to customers.

D.O.Se. is the digital platform for support and sharing information that is reserved for Simonelli customers and partners. It includes e-learning courses and news about technical updates, technical digital archives, sales and marketing, warranty and claims section to speed up delivery of components under guarantee, creation of new profiles, management of original spare parts and all data management services.

According to Simonelli, TECX and D.O.Se platforms are easy to use and interconnected, support partners and customers in their activities, and offer added value to products.

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