Simonelli Nuova Aurelia

Simonelli Nuova Aurelia

Nuova Aurelia is the professional espresso machine that, thanks to its reactive technology, high productivity capacity and consistent results in the cup, offers chains, roasters and restaurants a smooth workflow.

With Nuova Aurelia, every step of the preparation process can be automated and set to achieve the desired standards.

Its machine and grinder communication technology allows the user to store recipes directly in the portafilter.

The grinder and machine are able to recognise the portafilter in order to select the correct dose automatically, improving workflow and reducing waste.

E-Milk Technology provides automatic frothing of dairy or plant-based drinks.

The innovative scope of this new technology lies in its sensors that automatically activate the steam wand and in the recipe selection directly from the knob display without having to change the settings on the main touchscreen display.

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This article was first published in the January/February 2024 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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