Slayer goes for gold in New York

Slayer Espresso has created a custom-made 24-carat gold-plated espresso machine for Doce Coffee and Brigadeiro in New York City. Its new owners, Richard Agudelo and Ricardo Tavares, who have scheduled the opening of their coffee shop and bakery for later this month, will see the machine for the first time in the next few days. “The owners have only seen photos at this point,” said Slayer’s Chris Elliot. “They’re about to experience something remarkable.” Elliot said this is one of the more elaborate jobs to come out of Slayer’s custom studio, and the company's first request for such an extensive application of pure gold. “I think that a few of us wondered if it would just seem gaudy and outrageous – but its elegance is surprisingly subtle,” says Elliot. In addition to its 24-carat gold outer shell, the machine has a trim made with red-hued Padauk wood. Tavares, one of Doce Coffee and Brigadeiro’s owners and its pastry chef, is from Brazil. Co-owner Agudelo, is from a coffee growing family in Colombia. Elliot said the metal and wood choices represent two of Colombia’s most precious natural resources, gold and coffee – the colour of the coffee-cherry reflected in the choice of wood. “In a café that will focus on South American coffee and pastry, this totally makes sense,” said Elliot. “We wouldn't love it quite as much without the story it contains…but it'd still be insanely gorgeous.” The gold machine is the last to be produced at Slayer's original studio in the Rainier Brewery, as all manufacturing has now been moved to a larger facility.

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