Small-Scale Aroma Recovery

small scale aroma recovery

In 2021, Flavourtech launched the newest member of its Spinning Cone Column (SCC) family, the SCC100.

The SCC100 has a throughput of 25-115 litres per hour and retains the benefits of larger models while processing much smaller volumes for R&D applications or small production runs of high-value, low-volume materials.

The new model is capable of processing liquid products such as coffee and tea extracts, wine, milk, and fruit juices. It is manufactured on a compact skid with lockable castors, has an easy-to-use touch screen and is quickly assembled, operated, and maintained by the user.

Spinning Cone Column technology is established around the world for aroma recovery from coffee extract in soluble coffee production. The SCC100 provides soluble coffee companies the opportunity to discover new aroma profiles using smaller volumes which they can then take through to their production process. The new SCC100 also allows reconcentration of aroma to minimise dilution add-back prior to drying. The same applications can, of course, be applied to the tea or flavour industries.

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This article was first published in the January/February 2022 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE. 

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