Smarter unveils wifi-controlled coffee machine

British company Smarter has unveiled a wifi enabled coffee machine at this year’s CES Unveiled event. Set for release in February, the wifi-enabled machine allows the user to brew fresh coffee using a smartphone app. With the Smarter Coffee app, the user can decide how many cups to brew, the strength of the coffee and even check how much water is in the device. It will also send an alert if anything is running low and send a reminder when the smartphone is next in the kitchen. “With the new wifi coffee machine, you can wake up to the smell of fresh coffee, as this intelligent appliance allows you to make freshly ground coffee while you are still in bed,” said Smarter, in a statement. The Smarter coffee machine can be set to wake up the owner when the coffee is ready or to make a cup of coffee when they enter the house. Smarter Coffee will even communicate with fitness tracker apps to recommend a stronger morning coffee if a bad night’s sleep is recorded. Smarter Coffee is the second product for Smarter following the release of the iKettle. Developed as a response to a there-should-be-an-app-for-that moment, the iKettle was a huge success in 2014.

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