Speciality Coffee Association announces second Sustainability Center webinar

The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) Sustainability Center is hosting a webinar on coffee farm profitability and prosperity on 25 September at 8:00am Pacific Daylight Time. A panel of industry leaders will continue the conversation begun in January during the first SCA Sustainability Center webinar, in light of the coffee commodity futures market drop below US$1.00 in August. Well under production costs for most coffee farmers, this event underscored questions about the sustainability of coffee in the future. Panellists will discuss the current crisis and hardship fuelled by the coffee market, how it has persisted and worsened, and explore how each panellist is reacting to what seems a negative outlook on the value coffee will represent to farmers in the future. Each panellist will outline some of their strategies for surviving this crisis. Ashley Prentice of Anacafé will moderate a panel with Ed Canty of Coop Coffees, Herbert Peñaloza of 575 Cafe, and Janina Grabs, a PhD candidate on private sustainability governance. Prentice formerly worked with United States Agency for International Development’s Rural Value Chains Project assisting farmers with business strategies to access new and differentiated markets. She now leads Anacafé's sustainability committee, supporting different projects and sustainability initiatives. Prentice is the Founder of Gento Coffee, a social enterprise focused on promoting value added activities at origin to increase farmer profitability, encourage sustainable business models, and advance transparency in the coffee value chain. To register to view the webinar live, click here. For those unable to attend, questions can be emailed to for inclusion them in the session. A recording of the webinar will be made available on SCA News.

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