Specialty Coffee Association Educator Summit heads to Europe

Specialty Coffee Association Educator Summit

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)’s Educator Summit is heading to Europe for the first time, with this year’s event to take place in Belforte del Chienti, Italy, from 7 to 8 November.

The Simonelli Group will host the summit, which is a two-day conference dedicated to equipping coffee trainers with the latest in emerging coffee knowledge and training techniques.

The event is designed to enrich coffee educators’ knowledge of the latest research, teaching strategies and techniques, and advanced insights into SCA’s new coffee value assessment system.

Some of the research to be presented at the summit include:

  • Results of the five-year scientific project investigating filter coffee sensory and chemistry
  • Latest results from the ongoing research into brewing temperatures, including cold brew, and
  • The most current sensory science, coffee chemistry, sustainability, and physics scientific insights.

On the first day of this year’s event, attendees will get to know the new SCA coffee value assessment with Kim Elena Ionescu, Chief Sustainability and Knowledge Development Officer at the SCA, and Roukiat Delrue, an expert coffee consultant.

Day two will focus on the latest insights and participation in ongoing espresso research with Professor Christopher Hendon of the University of Oregon, and learning new training techniques with Chelsea Dubay, Curriculum Development Director at the SCA.

There will also be networking events for all attendees.

After the Educator Summit concludes, SCA and Simonelli will offer an SCA coffee value assessment two-day course for cuppers from 9 to 10 November.

This course is designed to introduce experienced coffee cuppers to this recently launched assessment system. The SCA coffee value features a new focus on descriptive assessment, a revised cupping score scale, and a more thorough assessment of coffee.

This event is one of dozens being held across the globe and contributes to the SCA’s wider sustainability and education outreach initiative.

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