Specialty Coffee Association to hold price crisis webinar

On 11 February, the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) will host the first in a series of webinars hosted by its Coffee Price Crisis Response Initiative. Professor Peter W. Roberts of Emory University and Chad Trewick of Reciprocafé will speak to Ellie Hudson of the SCA about the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide, launched in December. In Coffee Price Crisis Webinar: Spotlight on the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide, Roberts and Trewick will present and answer questions about the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide, a project run by researchers at Emory University that relies on an expanding group of data donors – roasters, importers, exporters, and others – who provide detailed contract data covering specialty coffee transactions from recent harvests. Using this anonymised information, the transaction guide serves as a report on the distributions of recent Free on Board (FOB) prices— prices paid for coffees that are delivered and placed onto the ship at the port in the country of embarkation— for green specialty coffees. The guide can be downloaded here. The SCA’s Coffee Price Crisis Response Initiative, led by a team of staff and volunteers of the SCA’s Sustainability Center, is aimed at understanding the crisis and providing alternative price discovery mechanisms for the coffee sector. Over the coming months, the SCA will host a series of webinars and events to amplify the work being done in this field by individuals in the private sector, academia, producing countries, and others in the coffee community.

To register for the webinar, click here.

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