Spin Cold Brew

Swiss start-up Mastercoldbrewer has developed a radically new method for cold brew coffee: Spin Cold Brew. This method involves the milling of whole coffee beans together with cold water, followed by phase separation via decanter.

This continuously running, patented technology, extracts more aroma and at the same time reduces process time from hours to minutes. Under the brand RE-Coffee, the first cold brew products have been launched in the Swiss market and the company has just received the granted patents in the United States. The next innovation is fully dedicated to differentiating in taste. Instead of co-milling the coffee beans with cold water, they are milled together with other ingredients like fruits, milk, nuts, spices, etc.

Compared to simply mixing coffee with these ingredients, Spin Cold Brew delivers totally new taste sensations, allowing clear differentiation in the highly competitive RTD Coffee beverage market.

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