Spinn secures US$20M in funding to “redefine home coffee brewing”


Start-up investor Spark Capital, along with Amazon’s Alexa Fund and Bar 9 Ventures, has announced it will invest US$20 million into Spinn, a hardware-enabled coffee machine manufacturer.

Spinn uses centrifugal force to spin, instead of press, the coffee grounds. The brand says that it is this use of different coffee brewing techniques that is how the its machine creates the “the freshest cup of coffee”.

The funding aims to scale Spinn’s production and accelerate growth. It is also designed to help with completion of outstanding pre-orders and further aid development of the brand’s patented brewing technology.

“Spark, the Alexa Fund and Bar 9 represent some of the most impressive track records in consumer products, connected devices, and coffee industry investing,” says Roderick de Rode, CEO of Spinn. “Their capital and expertise will be instrumental in our growth and ability to deliver a superior coffee experience to millions of people.”

Demand for automatic machines has been predicted to grow with the National Coffee Association reporting that 40 per cent of coffee drinkers in 2020 already own a single-serve coffee machine.

The report further found that nearly 50 per cent of Americans were likely to upgrade or purchase a single serve brewing system for home.

“Spinn is doing for coffee what Dyson did for vacuums and what Nest did for homes, rethinking technology and connectivity for better results,” says Kevin Thau, General Partner at Spark Capital.

“Their approach, from machine design to roaster assortment, is elevating the entire industry and delivering what consumers seek today: delicious tasting coffee brewed to their personal preferences, with the smallest impact on the planet.”

Spinn machines have been created to grind beans, heat water, and brew a specific type and amount of coffee at the touch of a button from a mobile phone, on the machine itself, or through voice command with Amazon’s Alexa.

Alexa is a virtual assistant that uses AI technology developed by Amazon. Initially used with Amazon Echo, Spinn can connect the Alexa app to the coffee machine, allowing for voice activated coffee making.

This Spinn technology can produce a variety of coffees, including espresso style coffee, Americano, cold brew, and more by simply adjusting the speed of the spinning and using pre-determined recipes that have been generated by the roasters network.

“We are impressed with Roderick and the team’s ability to advance the state of the art at-home coffee experience in a way that is also good for the planet,” says Paul Bernard, Director of the Amazon Alexa Fund. “Spinn has a compelling vision for how its system can make use of voice and be part of the convenience of a truly smart home.”

Spinn has a delivery network made up of 500 artisan roasters from across the globe. According to the company, this network doesn’t require additional steps for processing or creating coffee pods thanks to its patented technology.

This is part of the company’s goal to promote sustainability and ethical sourcing across the supply chain.

“With Spinn, there is no mess to clean and no filter or pod to dispose of, leaving consumers with a modern, enjoyable coffee experience,” the company says.

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