Square Mile Coffee Roasters launch reusable delivery boxes

Square Mile Coffee Roasters is rolling out its Notbox program, an initiative to replace cardboard delivery boxes with collapsible, reusable, fabric boxes. The program will see 25 cafés across the United Kingdom receive their coffee orders in Notboxes, and a future plan to offer this sustainable delivery option to all of the company’s wholesale accounts. Customers can fold down flat the Notboxes and return them to Square Mile to be used again. “The discovery of Notboxes has given us a new delivery solution that is durable, reusable, and also as recyclable as possible,” company Co-founder James Hoffmann says. The company expects each Notbox to complete 15 to 20 trips, saving over 37 kilograms of cardboard in its lifetime. Square Mile completed a successful trial period of the Notboxes last year. “Taking the delivery and storing it has become quicker and easier and we no longer have to consider the cardboard waste and the cost implications of it filling up our recycle waste bin anymore,” says Dave Olejnik, Owner of Laynes Espresso. Square Mile Coffee Roasters will officially launch the Notbox program in August. “We’ve been frustrated with the volume of cardboard we use for a long time now, but we are excited to have found a solution which gives us a dramatic reduction in waste, and in turn will dramatically decrease the environmental impact for both ourselves and our customers,” Hoffmann says.

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