Starbucks Canada to resume operation in as many stores as possible

Starbucks Canada expects to resume operations in as many stores as possible by the end of May.

Starbucks says it continues to prioritise the health and well-being of its customers and partners. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Starbucks Canada closed most company-operated cafés and reduced its service to Drive-Thru, delivery, and take-out only.

Starbucks Canada says this decision was made to step back and rethink what employee and customer safety looked like.

It adds open stores have helped Starbucks test and refine new ways of working, specifically in a social-distancing environment. Now, the company is ready to roll out its new model more broadly.

This reopening announcement was made by Lori Digulla, President of Starbucks Canada, in an open letter to all partners and employees.

“A lot has changed over the last six weeks,” she says. “As we enter this new phase, we know that we can evolve how we serve our customers as restrictions begin to lift and we are ready to continue to be fluid in how we serve our communities.”

Starbucks says it will monitor and adjust its operations, making decisions to open additional stores or expand services (like curbside pick-up or walk-in orders) on a community-by-community basis, working closely with local leadership, health authorities, and provincial governments as the environment and regulations change.

Previously announced mandatory measures that remain in place include:

  • Facial coverings. All employees are required to wear a facial covering if they are working at a store. They are reminded not to touch their eyes, nose, and mouth, and to wash their hands, maintain physical distancing, and sanitise high touch surfaces frequently.
  • Partner pre-checks. As an additional safety measure, ahead of each shift, all employees are required to take their temperature and use the COVID-19 Virtual Coach to ensure they are ready and able to work.
  • Extra cleaning protocols and precautions. Starbucks continues to observe elevated cleaning and sanitising protocols to help prevent the spread of all germs in our stores.
  • Plexi-shields. As we prepare for the future, Starbucks is sourcing plexi-shields to be installed at the point of sale.

Starbucks Canada will also continue to provide catastrophe pay through 14 June for any partner:

  • who is required to self-isolate, has been exposed to someone with symptoms or may have symptoms of COVID-19 and is unable to work
  • whose home store is closed, and no other work is available in close proximity
  • who is unable to work because of childcare limitations
  • who is working reduced hours that fall below their average hours

Read Digulla’s letter in full HERE.

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