Starbucks opens first Greener Store in Taiwan


Starbucks Taiwan has announced the opening of its first certified Greener Store, the Shalu Beishih Store. 

The drive-thru location is part of the company’s global expansion of its open source Greener Store Framework intended to reduce global carbon emissions, water usage and waste sent to landfills by 50 per cent by 2030. 

The store meets performance-based standards of the framework across environmental impact areas such as energy efficiency, water stewardship, and waste diversion. 

The Shalu Beishih Store is the first in the Taiwanese market with electric vehicle charging stations and offers digital signage to reduce paper usage, water recycling for irrigation, energy-efficient appliances, and certified low-emitting materials for interior design finishes.

It also features an arched roof that draws inspiration from ocean waves and mountains that surround the store.

The store opened on 28 November.

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