Starbucks permits reusable cups at US and Canadian stores


Starbucks customers in the United States and Canada will be able to use their own personal cup when visiting all company-operated stores and participating licensed stores from 3 January.

“At Starbucks, we envision a future where every beverage can be served in a reusable cup,” says Starbucks Chief Sustainability Officer Michael Kobori.

The option to use a personal cup is now available when ordering in café, drive-thrus or when ordering ahead with the Starbucks app.

“Offering customers more options to use a personal cup when they visit Starbucks marks tangible progress towards the future,” says Kobori. “We know our customers are passionate about the planet, and now, they can join us in our efforts to give more than we take, no matter how they order.”

The move is part of the company’s commitment to reduce waste by 50 per cent by 2023.

All Starbucks standard size options and beverage formats are eligible to be ordered in a personal cup.

Starbucks has become one of the first national coffeehouses in the US to offer customers the option to use their personal cup when mobile ordering.

Customers at participating stories in the US and Canada who bring a personal cup will receive a 10-cent discount on their beverage, with Starbucks Rewards members also receiving 25 Bonus Stars.

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