Stella Epic

The Stella Epic is ready to win the barista community over with an all new and unique way to profile the perfect espresso shot through an intuitive Expert Mode programming function. Featuring Unic’s Thermalink network technology, the Stella Epic offers exceptional workflow performance for high-volume cafés by using an intelligent power management system, resulting in one of the most thermally stable and precise brew groups ever made. Another industry breakthrough is Unic’s Easylock system that facilitates locking the portafilter to the group with minimal effort. The hydraulically sealed portafilter minimises barista wrist fatigue, allows for greater consistency between shots, and extends the life of group gaskets. With flat, customisable panels, master hand-welded construction, and an assertive design profile inspired by the late 50’s iconic manual piston Stella espresso machine, the Stella Epic is the new head-turning flagship machine from the French manufacturer Unic. For more information, visit

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