Stronghold Technology to attend SCA Expo

Stronghold Technology

Electric coffee roasting manufacturer Stronghold Technology will attend the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Expo in Chicago, United States from 12 to 14 April.

As the Official Roasting Equipment for the US Roaster Championship (USRC), Stronghold introduces its flagship S7Pro. Competitors will harness the capabilities of the S7Pro to demonstrate their expertise.

Stronghold is also Official Roasting Partner for the World Cup Tasters Championship. Along with Stronghold S9X’s appointment as the official roaster for the World Coffee Roasting Championship, this partnership signifies Stronghold’s omnipresence on the world coffee stage.

“Our participation in SCA Expo constitutes a significant milestone within our trajectory. From our role as the Official Roasting Equipment for the USRC to our partnership with the World Cup Tasters Championship, Stronghold remains resolute in its mission to push the boundaries of innovation and sustainability within the coffee industry,” says Jason Woo, CEO of Stronghold.

Beyond its role in international competitions, Stronghold is spearheading the sponsorship of the Sustainable Cup initiative at the Expo. Embracing environmentally conscious practices, attendees are encouraged to indulge in their preferred brews utilising Stronghold’s eco-friendly cups.

Stronghold invites attendees to experience the future of coffee roasting firsthand at Booth #1831.

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