Stronghold USA announces partnership with SCA Panama

Stronghold USA

The Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) and RoasTronix (Stronghold USA) have announced a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionising the coffee roasting industry in Panama.

“Our collaboration with SCAP signifies a significant leap forward in promoting sustainable practices in coffee roasting,” says Stronghold USA CEO Arash Hassanian.

The partnership will introduce Stronghold S8X smart coffee roasters into SCAP’s Best of Panama, an annual event that celebrates Panama’s coffee.

“The integration of our Stronghold S8X machines into the Best of Panama not only elevates the quality of Panamanian coffee but also showcases the potential for eco-friendly solutions within the industry,” says Hassanian.

The Stronghold S8X machines are specifically designed to reduce the carbon footprint of SCAP members.

The all-electric roasters eliminate emissions, providing a safer and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional gas roasters. Employing the world’s first Triple Heat System, combining convection, radiation, and conduction heat transfer modes, the S8X machines ensure a stable and reproducible roasting environment, enhancing the quality and consistency of the roasted coffee beans.

The collaboration increases productivity thanks to accurate temperature sensing and unrivalled cooling speed that returns roasted coffee to room temperature in just 90 seconds.

The alliance between SCAP and RoasTronix underscores a shared commitment to a sustainable, innovative, and environmentally friendly coffee roasting industry in Panama.

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