Submit lecture proposal for Specialty Coffee Expo 2023

Specialty Coffee Association Educator Summit

The Specialty Coffee Expo is now accepting lecture proposals for Specialty Coffee Expo 2023.

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Lecture Series are education presentations given by respected experts who inspire, educate, and motivate coffee professionals.

Typically 60 minutes in length, including Q&A, selected lectures fall into one of three categories respondents identified as valuable in the 2022 Content Generation Survey: Business, Coffee Science, and Sustainability.

Submissions will be accepted through Monday 19 December 19 2022.

The Green Coffee Buyers and Sellers Program will also return to Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland. The program is designed to facilitate the business relationships that have been the lifeblood of the event since its inception: the purchase and sale of the green coffee that fuels the specialty coffee industry.

This program is free-of-charge for all green coffee buyers and sellers. Those who wish to participate in the program will be able to register alongside purchasing their Expo Badge when registration opens in early 2023.

For more information, visit Specialty Coffee Expo website.

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