Subway restaurants to feature Keurig single-serve systems.

Keurig Green Mountain announced on 10 June that its single serve systems will be featured in thousands of Subway restaurants across North America. The announcement is a major coup for single-serve systems to enter fast-food chains that have previously been dominated by bulk brew systems. “Until now, innovation in brewed beverages for quick serve restaurants has been focused on high volume applications and longer brewed coffee holding times,” said John Whoriskey, President, US Sales and Marketing of Keurig in a statement. “This has left the majority of operators, who want to serve delicious brewed beverages, far behind. Keurig is changing the way SUBWAY restaurants are thinking about brewed beverages” The Keurig K150 Series Commercial Brewing System is the first small to medium capacity Keurig brewer to be certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for foodservice use. David Zambory, Beverage Manager for the Subway restaurant chain, said that the Keurig brewer system was first introduced as an option for franchisees this past year, and it was received “overwhelmingly positive feedback”. Based in the United States, the Subway restaurant chain has over 42,000 locations in 106 countries.  

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