Sucafina celebrates 10 years with Kahawatu Foundation

Kahawatu Foundation

Sucafina is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its partnership with the Kahawatu Foundation.

Kahawatu, meaning ‘people’s coffee’ in Swahili, is now an independent foundation dedicated to improving the livelihoods of coffee communities in East Africa.

To celebrate the anniversary, Sucafina CEO and President of the Kahawatu Foundation Board Nicolas A. Tamari and Sucafina Head of Sustainability and Kahawatu Foundation Executive Director Justin Archer joined other Kahawatu board members and partners at a recent event in Burundi, which included a visit to the Rama Dufatanemunda women’s association in Ngozi.

According to Sucafina, Kahawatu Foundation has been supporting their work to help women achieve economic empowerment through access to land. The association now has over 130 members, and the women were proud to share their stories of how they have developed coffee and other businesses as successful entrepreneurs.

Since 2013, Kahawatu Foundation has initiated 50 women’s groups, like Rama Dufatanemunda, as well as training over 100,000 coffee farmers in good agricultural practices, supporting over 800,000 coffee community members, and setting up 1538 income-generating activities and 1266 Village Savings and Loan Associations.

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