Susie Spindler joins International Women’s Coffee Alliance Board of Directors

Susie Spindler

Susie Spindler, Co-Founder of Cup of Excellence (COE) and long-time Executive Director of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE), has recently joined the board of directors of the the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA).

“It is well known that by empowering women to realize greater financial success and creating avenues for women to have impactful and professional participation in the coffee industry the results are stunning,” Spindler says.

“Not only is the coffee industry as a whole more sustainable but families are healthier and entire communities can benefit. I have always admired the goals and mission of IWCA and hope that my experience can be of benefit to ensure its future growth and success.”

One of the goals of this synergy is to achieve greater access to technical training for cuppers and marketplace recognition for higher quality farms managed by women.

“It has been apparent over the years that often top coffees are dependent on women that work extremely hard to focus on quality,” Spindler says. “Finding ways for both organizations to help bring about increased and sustained income for women is extremely important.”

The IWCA is a global network of independent, self-organised chapters in 27 countries united by a shared mission.

In addition to empowerment development programs spearheaded by the IWCA, Spindler will work to build educational activities that leverage the know-how of both the IWCA and COE.

“The IWCA Board of Directors welcomes Susie to the group and look forward to her contributions.  IWCA is continuing to move forward in escalating IWCA’s work to meet its mission of empowering women in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives, and to encourage and recognize the participation of women in all aspects of the coffee industry by working together,” says Sharon Riechers, President of IWCA.

“Guided by the IWCA mission, there is no doubt that we will achieve a stronger and empowered tomorrow for communities across the global coffee industry.”

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