Sustainability certification scheme 4C joins ISEAL


Internationally recognised sustainability certification scheme 4C has joined global network ISEAL as a Community Member.

ISEAL is dedicated to advancing sustainability across industries. Its members (systems and accreditation bodies) strive to deliver benefits for people and planet.

The approval of 4C’s membership marks the organisation’s commitment to “fostering sustainable practices, and transparent and credible supply chains within the coffee sector”.

“We are proud to join the ISEAL Community,” says Norbert Schmitz, 4C Services GmbH CEO. “This marks an important milestone in the continuous improvement of 4C and reinforces our position as a reliable and effective certification system. As we embark on this journey with ISEAL, we look forward to collaborative efforts, shared insights, and collective impact that will amplify our mission to support sustainability in global supply chains.”

As a new ISEAL member, 4C joins a group of sustainability systems that champion positive social and environmental change, and will work with them to “innovate, collaborate, and lead by example”.

“I’m delighted to welcome 4C as an ISEAL Community Member,” says ISEAL Executive Director Karin Kreider. “With 4C’s close focus on the coffee sector through the 4C standard and certification programme, we anticipate their insight will be a valuable addition to our learning community. We look forward to providing them with the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with other ISEAL Community Members”.

4C, also known as The Common Code for the Coffee Community, was established to oversee sustainability standards across coffee supply chains. Certification involves third-party audits which ensure compliance with 4C’s economic, social, and environmental criteria.


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