Syntegon publishes its first sustainability report


The Syntegon Group has published its first sustainability report, creating more transparency and affording stakeholders greater insight into its sustainability management practices.

Syntegon prepared the report for fiscal year 2022 with reference to the recognised sustainability reporting standard of the Global Reporting Initiative. The document explains the company’s environmental, social, and responsible corporate governance practices. From now on, the company plans to report annually on its sustainability activities.

“With the publication of this first report, we are underscoring the significance of sustainability as part of our corporate strategy and demonstrating our commitment to environmental, social, and responsible corporate governance practices,” says Dr. Michael Grosse, Syntegon Group CEO.

“Our strategy is centered on our products: With our resource-sparing machines, we are doing our part to shrink the ecological footprint of pharmaceuticals and food production. And we are helping to make packaging more sustainable with our technologies and services.”

Dr. Peter Hackel, Syntegon Group CFO, says Syntegon is also working hard to reduce its carbon footprint.

“To this end, we are increasing our energy efficiency, sourcing more electricity from renewables, and reducing our emissions,” says Hackel.

“Sustainability is not just a moral obligation; it is also a business imperative. With our strategy, we are laying the foundation for sustainable corporate management while also securing our financial development.”

Grosse says Syntegon has also set clear social priorities.

“We are committed to greater diversity in the company. With our training and professional development program, we are supporting our employees with their individual needs in mind. And we are taking responsibility in the community,” he says.

The full sustainability report is available on the Syntegon website.

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