Syntegon to present IDH packaging system at Pack Expo


Syntegon will present its portfolio of processing and packaging solutions at Pack Expo from 23 to 26 October 2022.

Visitors can expect insights into innovative robotic handling solutions, automation technologies, as well as advanced and sustainable system concepts for primary and secondary packaging.

“We not only unite our renowned brands like Kliklok, Doboy, Elematic, Makat, Woodman, Osgood and Sigpack under a common Syntegon umbrella, we also offer various technologies that cater to different needs and facilitate the shift towards future-proof and sustainable packaging processes for our customers,” says Brad Baker, Sales Director North America at Syntegon.

According to Syntegon, one of the highlights will be the official launch of the new Intelligent Direct Handling (IDH) pick-and-place system for cookies, crackers and biscuits.

The advanced pick and place concept uses linear motor technology. The smooth movements of the linear motors ensure gentle handling of the sensitive products. The IDH ensures increased production speeds as it can pick up many products simultaneously and place them in infeed chains or trays in one step.

Syntegon says it allows for high pack style flexibility on a compact footprint. The IDH will be integrated with a Pack 202 horizontal flow wrapper to form an efficient and flexible system for packaging cookies into trays which will be overwrapped.

The company will also showcase its system competence with the robotic pick-and-place (RPP) platform in combination with a Kliklok MEC endload cartoner, as well as a SVE 2520 Doy Zip vertical bagger with an Elematic 3001 case packer.

The RPP picks the manually loaded products and places four flow wraps, each holding two toaster pastries, into up to 80 cartons per minute. The downstream MEC is also equipped to handle different speed ranges and format sizes, offering manufacturers a future-proof automated solution.

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