Tchibo study reveals one-third of Americans have increased coffee consumption during COVID-19

Europe-based coffee roaster Tchibo has released the results of its Coffee Consumption Survey, which examined 1159 United States consumers’ habits, the impacts of COVID-19, and preferences related to coffee consumption.

According to the survey, 37 per cent of consumers have been drinking more coffee per week since the start of the pandemic, and 73 per cent of coffee drinkers report that they have been making coffee at home more often since it began.

Aside from fresher taste and premium quality, the survey revealed that 66 per cent of coffee drinkers prioritise a company’s commitment to social responsibility—including the environment and Fair-Trade practices—when selecting a coffee brand. That statistic jumped to 76 per cent among respondents ages 18 to 29.

“It is clear that the pandemic has impacted how and where Americans are enjoying their java,” says Chris Mattina, Founder and President of Rainmaker Food Solutions, an American distributor of Tchibo.

“Besides sparking a new trend of making coffee from the comfort of their own home, the results underscore a shift in consumer values and importance of enjoying coffee that prioritises taste, freshness and commitment to corporate good.”

Other notable findings include:

  • Coffee Spending: The study found most people (53 per cent) spend the most amount of money on coffee at the supermarket followed by at coffee shops (33 per cent).
  • Coffee Loyalists: 77 per cent do not consider themselves creatures of habit and enjoy trying new coffee brands when purchasing from a grocery store.
  • Coffee Quality: Consumers noted their top reasons for choosing a new coffee brand as fresher taste (79 per cent) and premium quality (75 per cent). When asked about coffee preference, 81 per cent report they are more likely to purchase ground coffee than whole beans.

“This study affirms the need for a better, fresher, more sustainable coffee experience, which Tchibo has been perfecting for the past 70 years,” adds Mattina.

Tchibo, a heritage European brand, launched in the US in fall 2020 and is available online nationwide, as well as in select Midwest retailers.

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