TechnoServe honours Jerry Baldwin for contributions to the coffee industry

Jerry Baldwin, a longtime member of TechnoServe’s Board of Directors and a key figure in the evolution of a number of other iconic American coffee brands was recognised by TechnoServe for his contribution to the industry. Baldwin has provided critical leadership around TechnoServe’s work to assist smallholder coffee farmers. Baldwin connected TechnoServe to resources and market players in the coffee industry. Just four years later, Peet’s Coffee & Tea bought its first coffee from TechnoServe-assisted smallholder farmers. Baldwin also played a leading role in facilitating a study in 2003 of the global coffee crisis that TechnoServe conducted in partnership with McKinsey & Co. Jerry served on the steering committee and helped garner support for the study from leading coffee companies. The study helped determine TechnoServe’s strategic direction in creating business-focused solutions to benefit smallholder coffee farmers. Baldwin has served as a director at Peet’s Coffee & Tea since he acquired the company in 1984, and he is the proprietor of J. Baldwin Wines in Sonoma Valley, California. He is has also served as the President of Association Scientifique Internationale du Café, as well as Chairman and Trustee of Coffee Quality Institute, and is a co-founder of Starbucks.

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