The Astoria Plus 4 You multi-boiler coffee machine

The Astoria Plus 4 You coffee machine has one designated steam boiler and separate boilers for each espresso brewing group head. The machine is USB programmable, so that predetermined settings can be transferred across multiple machines at the touch of a button. Settings like espresso brew length, brewing temperature, group head temperature, boiler pressure, and so on are all programmable via the USB. Retractable trays account for various cup sizes, and hot water taps above each group head enables baristas to work without getting into each other’s way. In addition to these impressive features, the most notable is the Green-line technology through which the machine remembers when it is busiest and quietest during the day and will power itself up and down accordingly. This allows business owners to have maximum power when they need it, and not waste power when they don’t, which can lead to a significant savings in electricity bills.  For more information visit

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