The ICO and the SCAE-UK host The Coffee Sessions

The International Coffee Organisation (ICO) in conjunction with the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe UK Chapter (SCAE-UK) is hosting a series of coffee education workshops, which began earlier this month. The ICO said the aim of The Coffee Sessions is to drive interest in coffee quality, improve standards and to shorten the distance between farmer, roaster, barista and consumer. “These events will also provide networking opportunities for professionals and consumers alike,” said the ICO, in a statement. “They’re an opportunity for the various disciplines to cross boundaries to new topics of interest.” The upcoming topics include Meet the Coffee Farmer: Agronomy and the Economics of Growing Coffee on 14 March; Around the World: Assessing Regional and Varietal Flavours on 16 July; Commodity vs. Speciality / High Street Brands vs. Independents on 10 September; Coffee Chemistry: How the Chemistry of Coffee Affects Your Palate on 12 November. Ronny Billemon, the 2009 Belgium Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, presenting And What About Water? was held on 12 March and is available for viewing online. Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, the 2012 and 2014 UK Barista Champion, on What is Good Water? was held the same evening and can also be viewed online. The UK coffee community can register to attend The Coffee Sessions at the ICO’s conference facilities in London.

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