The Philips Saeco Intella Class

The new Philips Saeco Intelia Class delivers a perfectly extracted espresso at the touch of a button. The device is the first fully automatic espresso machine for home use to be honoured with an in-cup quality label, certified by Centro Studi Assaggiatori Italian Tasters, an advanced Italian consultancy company in sensory analysis. The aspects of the Philips Saeco Intelia Class are user-friendly, thanks to the self-explanatory and colour-coded icons on its wide and bright display. Customising espresso is made simple, with the machine allowing users to adjust coffee strength, temperature and length. The patented Saeco Adapting System automatically detects the type of coffee beans and grinds the perfect amount of coffee, in order to provide the same release of aromas every time. The ceramic grinder offers low temperature grinding without the risk of overheating the beans, thus assuring consistency in the grinding process. The Philips Saeco Intelia Class is equipped with an automatic and dishwasher-safe cappuccinatore for milk foam. Users simply add the desired strength of espresso for a cappuccino. For more information visit

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