The Spartanics Carton Laser Cutting Machine

The Spartanics Carton Laser Cutting Machine features a dual laser head design which can cut sheets up to 800mm long, unlimited part size length and width up to 400mm per scan head. The machine delivers accurate defect-free cutting of carton stock 0.75mm or less, is equally versatile with virgin or recycled materials, and has advanced scoring capabilities within parts that perform better in folder-gluer industrial packaging machinery than traditional die cut arts. The optional bar code reader enables the cut configuration to be changed on-the-fly. The machine also features a proprietary fume extraction system and a proprietary system for automated slug removal and conveyor belt cleaning. Through this technology, the laser cutting machine can decrease costs of production by eliminating tooling costs of traditional die cutting methods, while also saving in scrap material during job setup by around 20 per cent and up to 20 per cent cut in job setup time and associated labour costs. For more information visit

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