The Trung Nguyen Legend Café: honesty, kindness, and beauty

The Trung Nguyen Legend Café provides a tantalisingly different experience for the discerning coffee drinker in Vietnam. More than being simply a luxurious and relaxing café, the Trung Nguyen Legend Café exists to allow true coffee connoisseurs to immerse themselves in the great messages of the philosophy of honesty, kindness, and beauty in its extensive library while enjoying peaceful eco-friendly surrounds. Located in the bustling downtown area of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the Trung Nguyen Legend Café features sleek natural wood grains and white décor and is built in accordance with the Vietnamese principle of balancing the five elements – metal, wood, fire, earth, and water.  The space itself is a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city outside. Indeed, once you enter the Café, you leave the city behind and become immersed in a peaceful atmosphere where your relaxation and enjoyment is the most important item on the menu. In fact, this is the principal focus of the space and the people working in it, with all elements of the design and experience on offer being focused on providing nourishment for the bodies, minds, and souls of the visitors. The interior, with its raw wood blended with a colour scheme of white and platinum, blends the sophistication of minimalist design with the harmony of nature. Adorned with beautiful bamboo trees, the relaxing sight and sound of fresh, running water, all against a backdrop of smooth classical music, the atmosphere within the café reflects Trung Nguyen’s striving to capture the essence of honesty, kindness, and beauty in its products and in what it offers to its customers. In capturing that spirit, Trung Nguyen promotes a lifestyle that unites people with the universe. The natural harmony of the interior design, featuring the greenery of living plants, the running waterfall, and pure white flowers on each table, gives visitors the chance to feel as though they have entered a green space, filled with nature. Here, in this eco-space, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of plants and herbs rich with oriental characteristics, while enjoying the fresh energy of nature and its peaceful influence on the soul. The food on offer in the Trung Nguyen Legend Café reflects the harmonious way of the ancient Vietnamese people, utilising the colours, flavour and aromas of fresh, tropical ingredients such as locally grown fruits and flowers, offering a nourishment that is directly in line with the intentions of Mother Nature. All of the café’s foods are made using the pure, unprocessed ingredients from the earth, bringing a healthy, satisfying balanced meal to remember. The café’s renowned Banh Mi is a perfect example of how we have worked to combine an uncompromised selection of natural ingredients that perfectly blend the flavours of salty, sweet, and spicy, while also complementing the true star of the show – the coffee itself – which is made by expert baristas. Our coffee comes from the Central Highlands of Vietnam, and brings with it not just a flavour and aroma that is famous the world over, but it also carries with it the spirit, wisdom, and love of the people who grew it, people whose quiet, harmonious ways of living inspire Trung Nguyen to help to spread the knowledge of their wisdom and cultural practices through our own activities. While our customers enjoy the beauty of their surrounds and the nourishment of our excellent menu, visitors to the Trung Nguyen Legend Café are encouraged to lose themselves in a world of spiritual and intellectual nourishment as well, with a quiet reading corner filled with books summarising the lessons of all mankind in six fields: religion, politics, science and technology, economics, culture, and the arts. While the coffee we brew will fuel the brain, these books will help to expand the mind, illuminating our visitors and helping them to find wisdom and the truth of life, arriving at our shared ideals of truth, compassion, and unity. The Trung Nguyen Legend Café also seeks to recognise the contributions of the many great people who have influenced the development of our world, both globally and locally, with tributes to them on the walls of the Trung Nguyen Legend Café. We hope that by paying tribute to the good works of these people, and to the ideas and actions that have helped to shape our world, we will also encourage our visitors to embrace these ideals and use them to help guide and transform their own lives and adopt a mindful approach to their lives that will help them to also reach their full potential. As the Trung Nguyen Legend Café continues to espouse these ideas of beauty, truth, compassion and unity that underpin our company and the lives of the people this company relies upon, Trung Nguyen hopes that our visitors will also embrace the examples of wisdom and happiness offered to them at the Trung Nguyen Legend Café, taking these away with their memories of wonderful coffee, food, and service and thus becoming part of our family. GCR

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