The UK embraces specialty coffee outside of the capital

Coffee Dough in Worcester may be the only specialty coffee house in the West Midlands town, but it is not alone as more businesses of its kind open up around the UK in response to Brits’ growing appetite for high quality coffee. With its own house blend and a focus on matching its coffees with locally sourced, gourmet foods, Coffee Dough is a prime example of the new trend that is starting to take hold in the traditionally tea drinking nation. This and other trends will be examined at the UK Coffee Leader Summit 2014, which will be held in London at the end of February. Organised by Allegra Events, the day-long summit will feature talks from the founders of businesses such as Harris + Hoole, Kings Park Capital and specialty coffee house Kaffeine. Other topics covered at the Summit will include: • The new coffee consumption patterns
• Engaging progressive consumers
• Generating wider consumer participation
• The emergence of premium vending
• The premiumisation of the at-home segment
• A new era of competition among chains The summit will be held at the Langham Hotel on 26 February. 

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