The world’s best cities for night owl coffee lovers


A study conducted by SimpleGhar reveals the 50 cities where cafés stay open the latest.

Cairo, Egypt is the city with the latest late-night café action, with an average closing time of 12:26am, four hours later than the average global closing time and more than one hour later than in Belgrade, the next closest pursuant, where they keep doors open until 11:23pm.

According to SimpleGhar, the standout detail is the emergence of three Indian cities that rank low for late opening overall but are in the top 10 for late-opening cafés.

Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai all have average closing times between 10pm and 11pm.

The company says café culture is booming in India with the rise of the youth and middle classes set against a backdrop of low alcohol consumption.

Moreover, it adds that the café culture in India has existed since the 16th century, and the tea is always served the same way; hot, very black and very sweet.

To uncover which cities go to sleep the latest, SimpleGhar gathered the closing times for cafés and restaurants from OpenStreetMap.

The team averaged the closing times of these establishments in 78 major world cities.

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