Tolley siblings to leave Harris+Hoole

The three Tolley siblings responsible for starting Harris+Hoole are leaving the UK chain. Australians Andrew, Nick and Laura Tolley will hand over the reigns to the Tesco-backed venture, while maintaining their 51 per cent stake at this point in time. Co-founder and CEO Nick Tolley told GCR Magazine that the three Tolleys would be focusing their energy on their original coffee business Taylor Street Baristas, ahead of its first international opening. Taylor Street Baristas and Tesco acted as joint venture partners to establish Harris+Hoole nearly three years ago. “I’m incredibly proud of what Harris+Hoole has achieved in just three years,” said Tolley. “From a standing start to 46 stores and a team of more than 500 fantastic people whom I’ve hugely enjoyed working with.” Tolley said that while Harris+Hoole has been going from strength-to-strength, so to has Taylor Street Baristas. “Amongst other things, we’ll be opening the first Taylor Street Baristas store in New York later this year,” said Tolley. The Tolleys raised US$2.9 million via crowdfunding site Crowdcube for the NY outlet. “It feels like the right time for me and my siblings to return to focusing on Taylor Street Baristas, leaving the excellent Harris+Hoole management team in charge,” said Tolley. The move has fueled speculation that Tesco is planning to sell its 49 per cent stake in Harris+Hoole. A spokesperson for Tesco told GCR Magazine that shareholding in the joint venture remains the same for now, but declined to comment further. “Our partnership with Tesco has enabled Harris+Hoole to develop a fantastic proposition for the high street and I’m very proud of where we leave the business today,” said Tolley. “World class barista training, and coffee made using the best seasonal beans and equipment, is very much part of Harris+Hoole’s DNA – and I’ll certainly still be stopping by for a coffee.”

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