Top coffee grinder manufacturer Hemro AG Group gets new management structure

Leading coffee grinder manufacturer Hemro AG – holding the brands undefined

Mahlkönig, Ditting and Anfim – released a new brand concept and and announced a restructure of its management on 22 March. 

The new management team consists of Philipp Baumberger (Chief Executive Officer), Jochen Christoph (Chief Financial Officer) and Carsten Reinke (Chief Sales and Marketing Officer ). Hemro AG announced it has reorganised its management structure, “in order to realise the growth potential resulting from all brands in the coming years.”

Nils Erichsen, the founder of the Group, Chief Executive Officer, delegate of the Board of Directors, and current head of the Division Branded Products will resign from his position at the end of March. In a statement, Hemro AG said he will continue to be closely associated with the group as an adviser for strategic projects, member of the Board of Directors and shareholder.

“Now that the Hemro Group has successfully completed the first five years after its establishment, I would like to withdraw from daily business, mainly because I would like to have more time for my family. I am delighted that my co-director for many years, Mr Philipp Baumberger, is taking over the role of CEO of the Hemro Group and look forward to continuing to actively support the successful development of our group of companies in the coming years,” Erichsen said in a statement.


Baumberger, current COO and head of the Division Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), will take over as CEO of the entire Group, a role which he will perform from his current location in Bachenbülach. Baumberger, a Swiss citizen, with engineering background joined Ditting in 2003 and headed the industrial operations of the Group as well as the OEM-division since the merger of Ditting and MAHLKÖNIG in 2007.

“I am delighted to have the confidence of the shareholders and the Board of Directors and the opportunity to lead the uniquely positioned Hemro Group into another phase of growth together with a formidable management team. In the future, the Hemro Group will be in a position like no other coffee grinder manufacturer to provide grinding solutions to customers who are interested in top quality coffee,” Baumberger said in a statement.

German premium coffee grinder manufacturer Mahlkönig, and Swiss grinder specialist Ditting, were brought together in 2007 under the Swiss holding Hemro AG (based in Bachenbülach, Switzerland). The holding company further strengthened its position last year due with the addition of Italian grinder manufacturer Anfim.

The production of grinding discs and components for the group at the Hamburg facility has been centralised, and a new assembly and office building has been acquired in Bachenbülach, near the Zurich Airport.

Hemro AG said it is now presenting itself as a company for “global coffee grinding solutions” with the three brands Mahlkönig, Ditting and Anfim. The product lines of all three brands will continue.

“Mahlkönig stands for absolute quality standards and perfect coffee, Ditting for technical perfection, and Anfim for the Italian espresso culture and lifestyle,” Hemro said in a statement. “The use of these three brands under the umbrella brand Hemro is intended to emphasise the synergies and potential inherent in the Group. This new brand policy will be implemented gradually throughout the company from 1 April.”

The Division Branded Products will be led by Carsten Reinke as Chief Marketing & Sales Officer of the Group. Reinke is based in Hamburg and began his career in the hotel business. In the last 15 years he has held management positions in the area of coffee preparation and coffee equipment at the companies Four Square (Mars), Nestlé and Kaffee Partner.

The management will be rounded off with Jochen Christoph, also based in Bachenbülach, who has been Chief Financial Officer since 1 June 2012.

Dr. Karl Freiherr von Hahn, who has been Chairman of the Board of Directors for many years, has resigned from his position and the board. The Board of Directors will now consist of Dr. Johann Christian Jacobs as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Alexander von Schönau as Vice-Chairman and Nils Erichsen, a former delegate of the Board of Directors, as a member.

“We thank the founder of the company, Nils Erichsen, and the previous Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. von Hahn, for building a company which provides custors interested in the unique flavor of coffee with the grinders they need of German, Swiss or Italian origin. We are delighted that Nils Erichsen will continue to be associated with the company as a member of the Board of Directors and shareholder,” said Jacobs.


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