Trung Nguyen open The Legend Café

The subtle and distinctive décor is the first impression one gets when visiting the café, which is a flagship destination for the Vietnamese roaster that combines its culinary offerings with an expression of the philosophical principles that underpin the company.

This design follows the principles of improving living by staying true to natural form.

The Legend Café is built in honour of the contribution made by prominent individuals to our community to create a space of success and happiness.

Provincial differences in the spirit-consciousness

With the aim of inspiring each individual to achieve success and true happiness, the Legend Café was created to embody the spirit of a new, more leisurely lifestyle than that experienced traditionally by the Vietnamese people.

This leisurely spirit can help to connect people with the universe, drawing bonds between man and nature, man and his environment and man to man in a harmony that is in line with each individual’s original purpose.

Underpinning the design of the café are values that underline the importance of beauty, truth, and compassion. The realisation of these values unites people, doing away with any limits or boundaries and the divisions of conflict, transcending the differences of religion, belief or culture.

The drink we love brings alertness, accelerating the process of human thinking and providing an important catalyst for the development of the communities that cultivate it. By facilitating this kind of exchange, coffee is a gift of Mother Nature’s all-loving world.

We took inspiration from these qualities as the model for our Legend Café, a model which we hope will bring real success and happiness to our visitors.

The Legend Café is built on design ideas that draw from nature, from the main colour theme of black, white, gold and metallic, to the use of decorative and rustic building materials such as bamboo, paper, wood and fine fabrics.

The monochromatic tones and the simple layout create a harmonious space for visitors.

There is also a reading corner stacked with bookcases offering life-changing wisdom.

We have been inspired by the ideas from many of these books in our selection of artworks for the walls and choose to play exquisite classical music to create a cozy, luxurious and special atmosphere that is conducive to comfort and the exchange of ideas.

The Legend Café also offers a special culinary experience, with food that comes from the pristine nature of the sacred lands M’Drak, Vietnam.

The café’s specialty is banana and wild honey bread from M’Drak, which we think is the world’s finest.

The baby yellow banana cake, which is set out on the green of a banana leaf and placed on a ceramic plate dotted with a few slices of tangy ginger, blends a natural forest sweetness, creating a sensory experience that combines the visual, olfactory and taste.

However the menu is not limited to this most delicious bread that is full of the world famous tastes of Vietnam.

The Legend Café also offers a deliciously subtle combination of pork with herbs picked fresh from the forests M’Drak, combined with wild mountain eggs, sauce and coriander. Made to perfectly balance nutrition and flavour and it provides a delicious combination of salty, sweet, spicy flavours.

These delicious and nutritious offerings combine perfectly with the flavours of our exceptional local coffee and give our customers a sense of energetic mindfulness that they can take away with them into the rest of the day.

Spaces of Success and Happiness

This new space not only transmits a new lifestyle spirit of harmony and balance between nature and man and between man and man, the Legend Café model is also designed to bring new sense happiness and success to each individual visitor.

As an informal place for learning and the exchange of ideas, the Legend Café offers all of its visitors a chance to access the collected knowledge of previous generations through its extensive collection of life-changing books that are freely available to all who walk through the café’s doors. These books offer proverbs, quotations of the great characters, and the thoughts of many of the world’s greatest thinkers.

The delicious Legend No.1 blend on offer in the café brings awareness for the brain, meaning the valuable lessons on offer can illuminate the awareness and knowledge of each individual to see clearly the truth of life, and come closer to the ideals of truth, compassion and unity in all actions, bringing them closer to happiness and true success.

The images and stories of the inspiring individuals whose stories of their lifetimes of service to the community adorn the walls of the Legend Café. These peoples’ examples serve as emblems of the beauty of a conscious lifestyle, and of those who pursue that lifestyle.

This kind of distinction comes from these peoples’ engagement with their community, their selfless service and mental discipline to think of more than themselves and live a life that is always striving towards truth, humanity and beauty in every act of every individual.

We hope that the examples on offer in the Legend Café, combined with its design principles will provide an environment for a new era of human beings to experience success and happiness with a new leisurely lifestyle in line with the principles of living true to the form of nature, dedicating the whole mind to the lofty ideals of unity and kindness.  GCR

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