Trung Nguyen seeks overseas franchise partners

Vietnam’s largest coffee company Trung Nguyen is currently seeking franchise partners to bring its popular coffee shop chain to the international market. Trung Nguyen currently has 70 locations in Vietnam and Singapore, and is sold retail in over 60 countries. In 2013, the company sold over 13 billion cups of coffee, with 11 million households in Vietnam drinking Trung Nguyen. As one of the world’s most popular coffee brands from a coffee producing country, the company is expecting quick international expansion of its luxurious coffee shops. Aimed at high street locations, Trung Nguyen cafés are designed as a destination for a sophisticated clientele. The dominant colour tones of red and brown coordinate with dark wood and velvety sofas.
The lighting is gentle, and complimented by pictures of celebrities who enjoy coffee. “Every detail of our cafés expresses the understanding and respect that our Trung Nguyen staff have for our customers,” the company noted in a statement. The cafés serve quality coffee products, including Trung Nguyen’s flagship Weasel and Legendee coffee. Trung Nguyen baristas are trained to serve high quality coffee, including L’amour and Mother’s Land coffee, which is coffee blended with ginger. Trung Nguyen cafés also offer Vietnamese signature dishes, including Gia Lai dried noodles, rice and bread. Trung Nguyen cafés are helping to spread authentic Vietnamese experiences around the globe. The company is currently seeking international franchise partners to help carry the brand internationally. For details email

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