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Now in its third generation in the process plant machinery manufacturing industry, the Brambati company has always dedicated itself to spotting the needs of its customers and meeting their expectations. With more than 70 years in the industry, the Brambati family has led its contemporaries in a number of innovative directions that have since become popular throughout the industry. These innovations include the move into electronic controls in the 1960s and the development of complete, turnkey solutions in the 1970s and ‘80s. The current generation of the Brambati family is no exception to this tradition, and has driven the company to stay ahead of the curve through the adoption of 3D engineering and design technology. Recent years have also seen Brambati take on the challenge introducing improvements in environmental sensitivity with significant operations in plant engineering in terms of reducing noise, energy saving, and limitation and control of emissions. In addition, the company has embraced an increasing shift towards modular design in its units to give its customers greater flexibility in their choices as they build their own manufacturing operations. “Brambati faces the global market and is able to fulfill very different orders, which vary depending on the food cultures of different countries, but also of every single company that tends to develop exclusive recipes to differentiate themselves from the competition,” says the company’s President, Fabrizio Brambati. “The ability to customise or personalise systems is based on the fact that each customer segment has become a strategic element for the success in all the different markets.” With a 10,000 square metre engineering facility housing more than 120 employees in Codevilla, just outside of Milan, Brambati operates two main divisions – one focused on material handling for biscuits, bakery, pasta factories, and baby-food, and the other complete coffee processing plant, from receiving the green beans through to packaging. “The company has been a leader for decades in turnkey systems for the production of coffee, pasta, and bakery products,” Brambati says. While it has the capacity to cater for large national and international corporations, Brambati is also focused on servicing the needs of small family roasters. Brambati can supply turnkey plants for the coffee industry starting from the reception of green coffee, through the feeding of packaging machines, with management systems for the different stages of cleaning, storage, weighing, blending, roasting, conveying – traditional mechanical transport or the new generation transport that uses high density at low-speed – grinding and degassing. Brambati’s range of roasters caters for people wanting to roast anything from 20 kilograms per hour, right up to 3000 kilograms per hour. The company produces three ranges of roasters. All of Brambati’s models including the KA, KAR and the BR ranges are built with advanced technology that includes features for far greater automation. They also manufacture a laboratory sample roaster, the BRM-200, which is capable of roasting 200 grams per sample batch. “Brambati is specialised in building roasters that are state of the art and that include the most advanced technology and automation today available in the market,” Brambati says. “These fully automated roasters allow the customer to have the complete control of the coffee roasting process, with the ability to adapt any wished roasted characteristics to the product.” All of Brambati’s roasters can also be supplied with an after-burner that works to reduce emissions into the atmosphere and, if necessary, they can also be fitted with a catalytic converter to further reduce the machine’s emissions. Brambati’s range of coffee equipment also includes grinders of varying size and type. These process anything from 100 kilograms to 2500 kilograms per hour. The KM fully automatic series and the modular KL series are designed specifically for espresso, moka, and filter coffee. The modular KL series is available with either one or a range of different step grinding and with 200-millimetre, 600-millimetre or 1000-millimetre length rollers. These are suited to other industries as well that may require the grinding of spices and grains. Brambati has also developed a range of specially developed grinders for very fine coffee, particularly suited to those brewing Greek, Turkish and micronized coffee. The KMT fully automatic series and KLT modular series have outputs ranging from 50 kilograms per hour to 1000 kilograms per hour. All of these machines are designed to be seamlessly integrated with the rest of Brambati’s processing plant machinery, with the focus always being on finding the solution that best fits the individual needs of the customer. Brambati specialises in supplying plant automation and control systems for all the equipment supplied inbuilt with the ability to develop the entire technology required, from the control panels to customised hardware and software. The company has developed technologies to customise the production processes with total flexibility, thus ensuring the uniqueness and consistency, of each single recipe, which is of key importance to the manufacturer. With the benefit of three generations of family experience behind him, Brambati says that the most important element to achieving success in the industry has been his company’s ability to work with individual roasters to develop solutions that meet their specific needs. “The key word is flexibility,” he says. “All manufacturers aim to develop exclusive recipes unique and to differentiate themselves from the competition to create products with a unique personality. Our ability to customise has become a strategic element for the success of the Brambati group, which was among the first in Europe to recognise these needs and to develop procedures for engineering and manufacturing high flexibility.” To this end, Brambati says his team never stops working to bring better solutions to the market, as can be seen in their latest ranges of roasters and grinders. “The newest and most exciting products are our coffee grinder suitable for micronized coffee – the KMT and KLT series – and the latest generation of roasters that can guarantee production, flexibility, latest automation, consistency, energy savings, emission control, and safety under a mechanical and automation point of view,” he says. GCR

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