UCC Coffee launches Tüv-certified home compostable capsule

UCC Coffee has launched its first Nespresso compatible home compostable capsule, independently certified OK compost HOME by Tüv Austria – the European standard for compostable products.

Due to its unique top lid sealing technology, the EkoPod is unlike any other compostable capsule currently on the market. It is airtight, guaranteeing coffee freshness stays locked in for up to nine months, without using any plastics at all.

Available for private label from January 2021, UCC Coffee says EkoPod helps retailers meet surging demand for Nespresso compatible pods, while giving customers a more consumer-friendly, sustainable way to dispose of capsules at home. It can also help retailers achieve their own sustainability and plastic-reduction goals.

The EkoPod can be put straight into a home compost heap, food waste bin, or garden waste bin to decompose naturally – just like an apple core; making it easy for consumers to enjoy the convenience of capsules at home without harming the planet.

“Unlike other home compostable capsules currently on the market, we don’t believe compostability should mean a compromise on coffee quality and flavour. So, we’ve taken time and care to develop a genuine innovation that combines sustainability with a superior cup of coffee, says Luigi Ceccarelli, R&D and Innovation Director at UCC Coffee.

“Collaborating closely with our supplier partner, we’ve created a capsule mould specification exclusive to UCC Coffee, that demands the highest quality on the market. Similarly, our unique top lid sealing technology has been developed to guarantee an unbeatable airtight reliability, thanks to precise contact time, contact pressure and temperature parameters. This oxygen tightness is a crucial USP for retailers and consumers, as it guarantees coffee freshness and a great cup of coffee for up to nine months.

“While UCC is not the first to launch a home compostable capsule, we have launched the best. The quality of EkoPod is unrivalled in the marketplace – what’s more, we can deliver it at scale.”

Tüv Austria has been independently certifying products using rigorous criteria for 140 years and is considered the leading authority on compost standards across Europe. The independent OK compost HOME S0464 certification guarantees EkoPod will compost at home under natural conditions in 12 months or less.

Watch UCC’s short EkoPod explainer video HERE.

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