Uganda announces an institute for fine Robusta

The Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) has announced the establishm undefined

ent of the Center of Robusta Excellence (CORE), the first training and research institution dedicated solely to the advancement of fine Robusta coffee. 

CORE is a cooperative effort between UCDA and the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), financed by the Agribusiness Initiative Trust. 

The initiative will bring together members of the regional African and international coffee community with a charter to carry out applied research and education that increases quality and the differentiated value of fine Robusta coffee.

“Uganda is where Robusta originated, which is why we will lead this global effort,” said UCDA Managing Director, Henry Ngabirano, in a statement.  “Through CORE, we aim to achieve excellence with innovation that will lead to not only [improve] Robusta quality but also knowledge that can be used to the benefit of all coffee cultivated worldwide and its farmers.”

CORE programs will focus on the improvement of cup quality, study of new or unexplored landraces of Robusta coffee, and strategies for increasing productivity and value. 

Varieties discovered and new practices developed by CORE are hoped to offer a new generation of Robusta to the coffee industry and its consumers, according to the statement.

Preliminary planning for the centre is already underway with the opening date anticipated in 2015.

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