Ugandan Minister emphasises government commitment to coffee at 10th AFCC&E launch

The 10th African Fine Coffee Conference and Exhibition (AFCC&E) was officially launched at the Kampala Serena Hotel on the 6 September. The event drew over 100 guests among Uganda’s top coffee stakeholders and leading media houses. Guests were able to view finished coffee samples, coffee seedlings, processing and brewing equipment. They also viewed a documentary on the 9th (AFCC&E) that was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Guest of Honour, Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Hon. Tress Bucyanayandi, joined Ugandan Coffee representatives in welcoming the coffee world to Uganda. He emphasised the Uganda government’s commitment to coffee research and production, as it increasingly continues to act as the leading source of household income for families in Uganda. The conference and exhibition will be held from the 14 to 16 February 2013 in Kampala Uganda at the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort under the theme, “Uganda, Discover a Diversity of Coffees, from the Pearl of Africa.” The AFCA Board Chair, Harrison Kalua stressed the importance of the 10th AFCC&E as a unique business opportunity for Ugandan stakeholders to sell their coffee on the spot, gathering valuable coffee information and building trade relations. Coffee, as a commodity, has continued to play a leading role in the economy of Uganda, contributing between 20 – 30 per cent of the foreign exchange earnings as an almost half billion dollar industry. The total value of coffee exports for 2010-11 was US$449 million, a significant increase over earlier years.  The socioeconomic footprint of coffee remains quite high, with almost 1.3 million households involved. The AFCA notes that Uganda’s Robusta coffee is world-renowned, and is now being used as a benchmark for coffee from other countries. Uganda is a strong producer of both Robusta and Arabica, providing a suitable environment with good soil and weather. The 10th AFCC&E will welcome delegates from all over the world to experience Uganda’s diversity of coffees. The AFCA said that the 10th AFCC&E will provide Uganda with an opportunity to “tell its coffee story”. For more information on the 10th AFCC&E please visit or contact

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