UK set to cop post-Brexit rise in coffee prices

While UK citizens were warned of economic instability in the wake of their decision to leave the European Union (EU), it’s doubtful that many people considered the impact the move would have on the price of coffee. But the slump of the UK pound to its lowest level in 30 years is indeed set to hit coffee consumers, given that UK roasters usually pay for their green beans in US dollars. There are already reports of small London-based roasters pushing up the prices of their beans by between 3-5 per cent, however it is thought that consumers will really begin to see the impact of the lower pound on coffee prices around Christmas as roasters pass on the increased cost of batches bought between now and then. This latest challenge is set to exacerbate the impact of an overall upward trend in the global price of coffee, which is being driven by increasing demand for the beverage around the world, particularly in emerging markets in Asia.

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