United States barista competitors to perform with Mahlkoenig grinders

For the first time in history, all attendees of the United States Barista Championships (USBC), taking place from 12 – 14 April in Boston, will be competing with sponsored Mahlkoenig espresso grinders. More than 360 exhibitors have already registered for this year`s SCAA Exposition, that will host the USBC. The competition will see 30 baristas from across the United States competing against each other to become the United States' next barista champion. As official grinder sponsor of the USBC, Mahlkoenig will provide participants with 25 K30 and K30 Twin Espresso grinders. The grinders will be used during the competition, as well as during preparations. Mahlkoenig will also equip the classrooms next to where the competitions re taking place there with 50 retail grinders. Mahlkoenig are also the sponsors of the US Brewer's Cup and Cup Tasting Championship. “For years, Mahlkoenig has been supporting high quality coffee and espresso culture worldwide,” the company said in a statement. “Not only due to their long lasting commitment as official sponsor of the World Coffee Events-competitions, but also especially through supporting numerous regional and national contests and events all over the world by providing grinders, know-how and skilled personnel, Mahlkoenig has become the international synonym for quality grinding and practiced coffee culture.”

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